Publications and Other Stuff

Here’s a listing of all of the writing (and a few other bits of media) I’ve had published in places other than this blog. I used to attach this to my resume, but it’s getting too long, so now I’ll just include a link to this page.

Professional Publications

Reports, plans, and other writing I’ve been a primary or secondary author for in work contexts (not a comprehensive list)

Long-Distance Commuting in the Boston Region: Necessity or “Strategic Mobility Choice”? Report prepared through the Staff-Generated Research Program of the Boston Region MPO.

FFYs 2018 and 2019 Unified Planning Work Programs  Central Transportation Planning Staff of the Boston Region MPO

Westmere/Route 20 Corridor Study (2016, IBI Group/CDTC/Town of Guilderland)

Various posts for Tri-State Transportation Campaign’s Mobilizing the Region blog, Summer 2015.

“MTA’s Success, Challenges Necessitate Cooperation on New Capital Plan.” Gotham Gazette, 6/16/2015.

Big Boom Trail Concept Plan, Moreau, NY (APLN 681, University at Albany MRP Program Transportation Planning Studio, Spring 2015)

Analysis, Opinion, and Creative Writing

My own research, analysis, and opinions, printed in various sources.

“Must (Only) the Rich Have Their Trains?: The Future, Past, and Present of Mainline U.S. Urban and Suburban Rail.” Master’s Paper, University at Albany MRP Program, Spring 2016

“Garage Subverts State, City Goals,” New Haven Independent, 2/21/2019.

“Plan Flaws Mar New Train Line’s Promise,” New Haven Independent, March 2, 2018.

“A Brief History of the Capital Region’s Much-Admired Light Rail System.” All Over Albany, 8/2/2017.  (satire/alternative history)

“Metra’s Not-So-Electric Plan.” South Side Weekly, 7/18/2017.

“How we ended up talking about a gondola between downtown Albany and the train station,” All Over Albany, 2/22/2017.

“Thinking about Capital Region Light Rail” All Over Albany, 6/20/2016 

“Thinking about Capital Region commuter rail” All Over Albany, 5/24/16 

“Designing for safer Capital Region Streets” All Over Albany, 5/12/2016

“Ideas for Lark Street’s longterm future” All Over Albany, 3/17/2016

“Lark Street and the competition among the Capital Region’s hip urban areas” All Over Albany, 3/15/2016

“What if Tearing Down I-787 Could Actually Improve Traffic?” All Over Albany, 2/1/2016.

“New Haven Needs Less, Not More, Parking.” New Haven Independent, 1/8/2016.

“Never-Built Path Could Link Rockview to Buses.” New Haven Independent, 3/9/2015.

“Houston Could Point the Way for City’s Buses.” New Haven Independent, 5/27/2014.

“All Aboard? Define ‘Streetcar’ First.” New Haven Independent, 1/17/2014.

Interviews, Appearances, and Other Media

Interviewed for City & State NY on the challenges facing Metro-North’s Penn Station Access project, 2/20/2019.

 CTPS representative at MAPC’s Ride-Hailing Partnerships Forum, 9/12/2018. Summary of event here.

“The South Side’s Strange Train,” Interview with Daniel Kay Hertz. South Side Weekly, 7/22/2016.

Appearances on “Capital Green Scene,” WVCR 88.7 FM, aired 7/2/2016 and 9/3/2016 .