Publications and Other Stuff

Here’s a listing of all of the writing (and a few other bits of media) I’ve had published in places other than this blog. I used to attach this to my resume, but it’s getting too long, so now I’ll just include a link to this page.

Published Work

“Plan Flaws Mar New Train Line’s Promise,” New Haven Independent, March 2, 2018. 

TRANSREPORT: Long-Distance Commuting in the Boston Region: Necessity or “Strategic Mobility Choice”? (blog-style summary of report below)

Long-Distance Commuting in the Boston Region: Necessity or “Strategic Mobility Choice”? Report prepared through the Staff-Generated Research Program of the Boston Region MPO. 

“A Brief History of the Capital Region’s Much-Admired Light Rail System.” All Over Albany, 8/2/2017. (satire/alternative history)

“Metra’s Not-So-Electric Plan.” South Side Weekly, 7/18/2017.

“How we ended up talking about a gondola between downtown Albany and the train station,” All Over Albany, 2/22/2017.

“Must (Only) the Rich Have Their Trains?: The Future, Past, and Present of Mainline U.S. Urban and Suburban Rail.” Master’s Paper, University at Albany MRP Program, Spring 2016

“Thinking about Capital Region Light Rail” All Over Albany, 6/20/2016

“Thinking about Capital Region commuter rail” All Over Albany, 5/24/16

“Designing for safer Capital Region Streets” All Over Albany, 5/12/2016

“Ideas for Lark Street’s longterm future” All Over Albany, 3/17/2016

“Lark Street and the competition among the Capital Region’s hip urban areas” All Over Albany, 3/15/2016

“What if Tearing Down I-787 Could Actually Improve Traffic?” All Over Albany, 2/1/2016.

“New Haven Needs Less, Not More, Parking.” New Haven Independent, 1/8/2016.

Various posts for Tri-State Transportation Campaign’s Mobilizing the Region blog, Summer 2015.

“MTA’s Success, Challenges Necessitate Cooperation on New Capital Plan.” Gotham Gazette, 6/16/2015.

“Never-Built Path Could Link Rockview to Buses.” New Haven Independent, 3/9/2015.

“Houston Could Point the Way for City’s Buses.” New Haven Independent, 5/27/2014.

“All Aboard? Define ‘Streetcar’ First.” New Haven Independent, 1/17/2014.

Interviews and Other Media

“The South Side’s Strange Train,” Interview with Daniel Kay Hertz. South Side Weekly, 7/22/2016.

Appearances on “Capital Green Scene,” WVCR 88.7 FM, aired 7/2/2016 and 9/3/2016. and