About Me

I’m a student in the Master’s of Regional Planning program at the University at Albany, concentrating in transportation and completing a certificate in Urban Policy. I’m a graduate of a dual-degree undergraduate program at Columbia and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, which may make me the only urbanist/planning type with a degree in Hebrew Bible. I’m particularly interested in public transit, freight rail, intercity rail, land use, and the political processes behind them.

I am a die-hard fan of the Cubs, as well as of the following things, in no particular order, and in less die-hard fashion: historic streetcars but not modern ones, Art Deco architecture, the Columbia River Gorge, and otters. I live in downtown Albany with my partner (an environmental and agricultural professional) and two cats, in a building built in the 1850s. Places I’ve lived before this include Portland, OR; Storm Lake, IA; New Haven, CT; Chicago; Jerusalem; and New York City. I also spent two summers in Hong Kong as a kid. Clearly, I can’t stay in any one place too long, so follow me here as I plot my next move…

Read more about me in this interview by Eitan Kensky, find me on Twitter @sandypsj or email me below.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Greetings,
    I just discovered your blog really have enjoyed your posts. I’m an itinerant resident of Albany, actually Slingerlands, (a little over one year now)and Washington DC and work in the city urbanism/sustainablity space. You totally nailed both the pluses and minuses of the Capital Region. I’ve never heard the expression of Smalbany and it totally fits.

    I was wondering, have you examined equity relation to your research?


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