Two Years of TransitCon Presentations

So, several months later, I realized that I never posted my presentation from this year’s TransitCon. The talk’s about the (false dichotomy of) improving rail in the US incrementally or in big leaps, and more precisely how the risk of overspending and underdelivering that plagues our project delivery accrues to incremental projects as much as huge ones. You can find the slides here.

And when I went to post that video, I realized I never posted last year’s, either! That talk was about railroad electrification. You can find the slides here.

I should emphasize that in both cases I was speaking entirely in a personal capacity, and not representing any employer past, present or future. If you have questions or want copies of the slides, you can reach me on Twitter or through the Contact Me function of this blog. And of course, huge thanks go out to Hayden and the TransitCon team for putting this wonderful event on!


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